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Learn Git & Github - 4

Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4 Git Tree Navigation And Management: Lesson-4 TopicsHow to change remote repositoryCommit navigation in gitHow to jump to a specific commitHow to create a branch from a speicific commitHow to edit a specific commitHow to merge commitsHow to delete commitsHow to pick/move commits from one branch to other Changing Remote RepositoryIn the previous lesson, we learned how to make commits. If totally followed the lesson then i am sure you world have made some commits also. Now change your working directory to your project directory. Check you are on master and Use git pull origin master to update your master. Since Now, we were syncing our local repository with our forked repository. But what we need is to keep updated with the original project repository. So we need to add the url of original project as our main remote repository. We can do so by typing git remote add main If you have forked another projec…

Learn Git & Github - 3

Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4 Git Commands: Lesson-3 TopicsWhat we learned in previous lessonGit TerminologyGit Commands for project development What we learned in Previous LessonIn the previous lesson, we learned about github and how can we use it along with git to create an open source project(A project which is free to use and distribute). We set up our project on github and cloned it in our machine to modify it locally(On our machine only). Now either you have cloned fork of an existing project or your own project, the development process is nearly the same. I'll point out the difference wherever applicable.Git TerminologyIn first lesson, we talked about 3 most occuring terms of git which are branch, commit and head. Now Lets talk about some more terms which are associated with gitIndex :Index is the current state of the project for git. If you have changed some files then you will have to add them to git index so that git can track those files for future changes. If you don&#…

Learn Git & Github - 2

Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4 Learn Github: Lesson-2 TopicsDifference between Git and GithubGeting started with githubWork on existing github projectCreating a new project on github Difference between git and githubIn the first lesson we learned how git works, Now we will see what is github. People often get confused between git and github. These two are entirely different things providing the same functionality. The major difference between git and github is that git works on your machine and github is a cloud service. You can see github as a cloud version of github where an entire team can work on a project. So there is not a point of choosing either one of them. You use git only if you have a project on which you are working alone and then you use github along with git if you are handling a team project. Its not mandatory to have a team to use github. If you want to share your code to people then you can push/upload it to github also. Don't worry about getting it changed by dev…