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See More of C

Why more of c ?Function PointersSearch and SortMulti-Threaded ProgrammingTime FunctionsRandom NumbersString ConversionProcess Creation and System commands executionDataBase HandlingCGI ScriptingMore Links Why digging more of C ? Being a high level language and the features C support there is not a need to ask why should we learn more about C. C programs are relatively faster than most of other high level languages like python or java. That may be because C programs are compiled first or may be because C libraries and fucntions are more hardware oriented. But whatever is the reason, C programs are way better. I can show you an example of it to you. There is a program which corrects the spelling of a mis-spelled word like it changes "somethinh" to "something". Now here is the comparison between the programs written in C and than that written in pythonPropertyProgram in CProgram in PythonResult Lines of code 184 21 Python is shorterTes…