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Image Search Engine Using Python

Images provide a lot more information than audio or text. Image processing is the prime field of research for robotics as well as search engines. In this article we will explore the concept of finding similarity between digital images using python. Then we will use our program to find top 10 search results inside a dataset of images for a given picture. It won't be as good as google's search engine because of the technique we will be using to find similarity between images. But what we are going to make will be pretty cool. So lets start. Setting up the EnvironmentOur AlgorithmHow the code looksLets build the GUIAdditional Techniques Setting up the Environment The code we are going to write requires a few tools which we need to install first. I will try to be as precise as i can and if you get stuck into installing some tool then you can drop a comment below and i will help you sort out the problem. So here are the tools and the steps to install those tools in ubuntu (16.04 …