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Debugging with gdb

Debugging a program is a real tedious job which can consume time more than you took to write the program. And if you are not on the right track of debugging then you are probably gonna end up writing the whole program again. If you have red my previous article on debugging (The Art of Debugging) then you already have an idea of the debugging process and what are some basic methods to do it. We also talked about how are those basic techniques not gonna help us with larger and trickier programs. To make our job easy with those programs, there is a debugging tool : GNU Debugger or simply gdb. GDB is a powerful debugging tool with all the features you require while debugging your program. There are some basic set of features which are available in every debugging tool so if you want to use some other debugger then you'll find it easy to use after you get to know about gdb. There is some great stuff we'll be studying today so sit tight. Let's have a look at the index we'll …