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Authentication System : Basic Design

Being a system administrator, it is our main concern to protect users' data from theft and corruption. Regarding theft, we focus in building a sophisticated but secure authentication system which can fulfill all the basic needs we discussed in the last article. In the previous 2 articles, we learned about authentication and authorization. Also we understood the complications in building a secure system which can prevent tresspassing. But we have not code anything yet to build something. So in this article we will be designing an authentication system which will provide the functionalities we want and which will help us understand how the tech giants like google have taken security to another level. We will be writing code in php but the same applies to other languages also.What we'll be usingBlueprintBuilding the systemRunning the systemAdditional Care What we'll be usingLets see what are the languages we will be using and database plus some extra librariesLanguagesPHP, Jav…