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Learn Git & Github

Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4 Learn Git : Lesson 1Why Git or any VCSImage from git-scm Version control system is a software which maintains the records of changes done to a project and also the states of the project which you can switch anytime. As a programmer, it sometimes happens to me when i write a piece of code and it works but when i try to optimize it then it gets broken. Also i could not be able to traceback the changes and get my working code back. If this happens to you also then you might undo tens of times to get back the previous code. But what will you do if your project contains multiple files with hundred lines of code in each file. If you now brong some changes to more than one file then its not easily possible to get back the working code. Here comes the importance of a version control system. In a VCS, you can save the current state and continue to work on a different state but it doesn't mean that vcs creates a copy of the current state. No. It maintains the …

Python : Learn it my way

Why PythonThe first question we should ask ourself before learning something is "Why should we learn it".I don't know about other stuff but i can answer why should you learn python. Python is a scripting as well as programming language. What does that mean is we can use it for web servers, softwares etc. Also it has a vast open source community behind it which provides thousands of libraries, frameworks and applications based on python.Today, development is moving forward to use languages like python, perl , ruby etc. So if we want to keep ourself updated with latest technologies then we'll have to learn them.Python also becomes handy for GUI development.Learning python is considered to be easier than any other object oriented language.

Is this a python tutorial ?Obviously not. This is not a python tutorial. I am just gonna show you the right path to get yourself into python. When i first faced python(during sublime plugin development), it seems so scary that i skippe…