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MVC: At Its Core

Designing an application requires a lot of effort And without a proper structure there are chances that your application may fail during some operations. That is the reason of choosing a framework to accomplish the task of building an application. A framework enforces you to use the defined application structure and methods so that you can easily maintain your code and refactor it if needed. MVC , short form for Model View Controller is a designing pattern in which an application is divided into 3 components i.e. Models, Views and Controllers. (The word Application infers to all type of applications like mobile apps, desktop apps, web apps etc.). A framework which follows the MVC pattern is known as a MVC framework and there are a lot of frameworks for each type of application written in most of the languages. Normally people start learning about the framework without understanding the concept behind them. Each MVC framework follows the same pattern i.e. the MVC pattern. So if we le…