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Why Python

The first question we should ask ourself before learning something is "Why should we learn it".I don't know about other stuff but i can answer why should you learn python. Python is a scripting as well as programming language. What does that mean is we can use it for web servers, softwares etc. Also it has a vast open source community behind it which provides thousands of libraries, frameworks and applications based on python.Today, development is moving forward to use languages like python, perl , ruby etc. So if we want to keep ourself updated with latest technologies then we'll have to learn them.Python also becomes handy for GUI development.Learning python is considered to be easier than any other object oriented language.

Is this a python tutorial ?

Obviously not. This is not a python tutorial. I am just gonna show you the right path to get yourself into python. When i first faced python(during sublime plugin development), it seems so scary that i skipped the plugin development and moved to something else. But recently i found out some useful resources to learn python from and it took me a week to learn python sufficient for software development and obviously coding.So if you want to find out the right tutorials and stuff to learn python then keep reading otherwise you can skip all of this post.

Particular Resources

There are thousands of tutorials on the internet about the language but some of them don't start from the right point. Also finding right books is a hard task to do. So the first step you are gonna do which i did, just visit google python class web page and there you will learn the basics of pyhton in just one day.

Google Python Class

Then the next step is optional, you can attend codecademy course to practise what you learned at google python class. In that course you will come to learn about functions and classes as well.

Codecademy Course

Then the main part comes in. Getting a really good book or e-book. There are many books out there but many of them are just not so good. The books which i studied are:-

  1. Learn Python the Hard Way
  2. Dive into Python
  3. Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt: The Definitive Guide to PyQt Programming

All these books are good to read but the 3rd one is concise about python programing and the Dive into Python is a very elaborated material. The first one is actually teach you python in a simple way but its not much of use.

Want these e-books ?

If you want these e-books right in your e-mail inbox then just fill up the subscription form and i'll send you the books within 24 hours. Subscription to this blog is totally free and i don't spam my subscribers mail box so feel free to take advantage of this blog's free subscription.

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Get your machine ready

Python is a interpreted language so you will be needing a python interpreter which you can easily download from their website Python Download. Ubuntu users don't need to install it at all becuase it comes pre-installed. How to run your programs is well explained in google class. If you want to know anything else then just drop a comment below and i'll help you asap.


  1. Programming is very interesting and creative thing if you do it with love. Your blog code helps a lot to beginners to learn programming from basic to advance level. I really love this blog because I learn a lot from here and this process is still continuing.
    Love from Pro Programmer


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