8 Amazing Animal's Sleep Facts

1. Dolphins can sleep with one-half of their brain active.Do you understand what does that mean...They can remain alert while sleeping. They can have the brain waves of non-REM sleep functioning in just one hemisphere while the other half remains awake.Whales also can do the same.And Dolphin also holds the title of the most smart fish ever known.

2. Horses and Cows can sleep while standing.I think its very troublesome for all other animals but horses and cows can't dream while sleep standing.They can only dream when they lie down to sleep.

3. Ants never ever sleep.Well there are some studies going on and the previous studies showed us that they actually have a 1 minute nap but still there are no conformations whether it is sleep or sonething else.

4. A desert snail can snooze for 3 years.Well thats may be not interesting as bettles can snooze for futher more years and polar bears which have comparitively very large size sleep for half an year.Facts are the facts.

5. Bats always sleep upside-down.Ever wonder why do they do so..??Well actually there are plenty of reasons behind this.First of all, they don't appear to be a prey for their hunters.(a creature with legs up and head down can't even be imagined by an animal).Secondly, it helps them taking off because bat wings don't possess much power to take off directly from standing position like birds.They fall and then fly.

6. An albatross can sleep while flying.Its very interesting though.Think if human can do their must-done work while sleeping.That would have been amazing.

7.Giraffes can go weeks without sleeping.Seems Girrafes have got more than their high legs.

8. While asleep, platypuses make the same movements that they use when killing crustacean prey.

Thats all for sleeping.I hope you enjoyed and got amazed on the facts about the lovely creatures.

Happy Reading....


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