How-to choose college in delhi

Choose b/w NSIT & DTU

This article discusses a few points on basis of those you can choose a field/stream in b/w two esteemed colleges of delhi-DTU & NSIT

Students normally get confused when they don't get a seat in I.I.T. and have to select a stream in other best colleges.The question which normally raise in their heads is-whether to choose NSIT or DTU.In that case, they refer to various sites, people and journals.I want to help out those students a little bit through my article.Give it a read

  • First of all, personal interest is more important than any other factor, so choose the stream which is under your self-interest

  • If you are only concerned about placement then check your stream which you can get in both the colleges according to your jee-mains rank

  • Placement records of both the colleges for computer science are almost at the same line, So don't bother about choosing computer science in any of these colleges

  • But if you are getting other streams in the colleges then here is the priority list of some fields

  1. Information Technology at N.S.I.T.
  2. Mechanical Engineering at D.T.U.
  3. Information technology at D.T.U.
  4. Electronics and Communication Engineering at D.T.U.
  5. Electronics and Communication Engineering at N.S.I.T.
These are some of the important streams students normally prefer.Further Information can be obtained from the seniors of these colleges.
Note:This information is based on discussions among a number of students studying in these colleges.So Don't let your future be directed according to this type of articles.This article is written just to help y'all a bit


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