Relation of HTML and Search Engines

Everyone who has red the previous article of fetch-info or the one who want to do something additional with his blog to make it appear in the search results is curious to know that one simple trick which will tell the search engines about your blog's stuff.Well, you have come to the right place folks because i know that trick and i will definitely make you all aware of that technique. And not even about the stuff, that one trick will also tell the search engines about yourself and your reputation on social media. So sit back and read this article to get to the world of fame.

HTML and the Search Engines

So, In the previous article i told you about how adding some line of code will get the attentions of search engines to your blog.(Those who don't know about the search engines or haven't red my previous article then you might want to read it now.)That code is actually HTML code. HTML not only shows your visitors whats in your blog, it also tells the search engines about the stuff. The search engines crawl your page's or post's html and it looks for some special tags which are called meta tags. Meta means data about the data. It looks awkward to read but it actually means that. Your post contains some data which you want to show to your visitors, and meta tags contains the data about what your post data is.

META Tags and their attributes

Like every HTML tag meta tags also have some attributes which defines a specific property and some specific data which the search engine looks for.Lets talk about some of the meta tags.

  • Page Description

    This is something you would want everyone to know.You have written a post and your post is about something then you would want to tell the search engines that "Hey..My Post is about this and this and display my post in the search results". This tag is very important and you must add it to your blog. Always remember that meta tags are added inside the <head> tag. So here is the syntax of writing the meta tag with this attribute.
    <meta name="description" content="Your-Description-Goes-Here" >

  • Keywords

    Keywords are the words which can have something relation to your blog's post. If you are not getting this then lets look on an example. Suppose you have written a post on puppies and dog's breeds, then you would want if someone even search for dog's house then your post appear in search results. But how will it happen because "house" word has never appeared in your post. Well, for that scenario we have this keyword. You will add the keywords in the meta tags which will help search engine getting visitors to your blog.Here is the syntax..
    <meta name="keywords" content="Specific-Keywords-Seperated-By-Commas">
    Lets write an example for this one.Remember the above example of dog, It's meta tag will be something like this <meta name="keywords" content="dog, puppies, dog breed, puppy breed, breed">

    You also must know that adding keywords to the post doesn't increase the chances of appearing your blog's post in search results.It just helps the search engines to keep track of your blog's posts so never add those keywords which have nothing to do with your post content because it will confuse the engine and you'll end up with nothing.

  • Authorship

    If you are a google plus user then you have the capability of showing your authorship to the search engines. You can tell the engine to recognize you and a picture will also be appeared in the search results.There is an attribute rel="___" which will not come in the meta tag but in the <link> tag of HTML. This is also written inside the head tag. The syntax is something like this..
    <link rel="author" href="YOur-Google-Plus-Profile-Link"/>

The above few tags and attributes are the most necessary ones. There are also other meta tags which refer to your social media profiles but those have nothing to do with search engines ranking.So from now on if you are ever going to write a post you must add these meta tags to your blog's post.


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