Social Media: Story Behind The Curtains

I hope and am assuming that you are aware of the words "social media" but in case if you are not then let me introduce you to these words.

Do you have a social media account..? You don't need to answer this because the answer would be "yes i do". That was not a hard one to crack question because everyone knows that a social media account has become a necessity. If you wanna connect to someone or more precisely, if you want to contact someone then you don't even think about calling that person. You just open up your social media platform and send him a text message. How's that become so common? The answer lies in the facilities provided by the social media platforms.We'll discuss about the hidden facilities here, also about the benefit of social media sites and how much can you trust these sites.

Are You Secure..??

When it comes to social media, the first thing you think about is your information security. Where social media platforms are made to share your daily life activities with your friends, they also demand that you don't share your log in information with others.Whenever someone breaks into your social media account, your reputation gets at risk. So how can you be sure that your account information is secure. Well, the answer is a little bit tricky. When you submit your information to the social media databases then after submission your account information is secure. The hacking part comes between the form filling part and the submission part.There are many ways by which you can yourself give your account information to someone without your own knowledge.Some of them are discussed below..
  • You can unknowingly tell someone about your security question's answer. If you have watched the movie "Now You See Me" then you would have understood that sharing your security questions's answer is quite easy because you don't use that answer to log in to your account so after a time you won't treat that answer as a security factor.
  • Don't get trapped in phishing pages. The most common way to get someone's password is just using a phishing page. I think you are feeling little bit confusing because may be the phishing word is new to you.Let me help you, phishing page is that page which exactly looks like your social media log in page but sends your information to the page maker i.e. hacker. If you are thinking that you can't protect yourself against this attack then you are wrong.All the trusted webpages have a lock symbol in your browser's url bar which is the proof of secure http connection.Just look at the picture below.If sometime you try to log into your social media account but don't see a lock in the url bar then get alarmed because that will be a fake page.

    Also you can check the url of the page in the url bar.If you are navigated to a fake page then the url won't be of your social media login page.
  • There are other ways also by which someone can breach into your account but i can't start writing about all of them in this post. I'll inform you about that in some other post.

What do you get from social media..??

Social media platforms provide you so many tools and features that you go crazy about them.Facebook, Google plus, Whatsapp, Twitter and Other famous social media platforms have hundreds of millions of active users per month. This data clears that there must be something special that you get from these platforms.Here is a short list of some features of some common features..
  1. Messaging Service. This is the most common feature of every social media platform and the platform which serves you the fastest and interactive instant messaging service attracts more users.This is the reason why people love whatsapp.
  2. Posting Service: You can share photos and videos across these platforms which get viral in just a few moments.Facebook allows you to add a post upto a large range of characters, on the other hand twitter allows you to only add a tweet of 140 characters max. Google plus have more features than any other social media platform. It allows you to add poles, graphs and much more.
  3. Get connected to Unknown Person This can be a loose point but a good point also. You can follow your celebrities, role models and other personalities even when they don't know about you.

What do Social Media Platforms get..??

Its obvious that the company which is providing you so many features won't do it for free. But you'll think that you don't pay for your accounts then how these platforms earn revenue. Well their revenue comes from advertisement. If you have ever created a facebook page then you would have noticed a "Promote Your Page" option. For promoting your page, facebook will cost you money by which they provide you so many facilities and their developers get salaries. On a daily basis, facebook processes and serves almost 500TB of data which is almost 500,000 GB data. Now this much volume of data can't be stored on your or mine computers nor our processors can run through this data. So social media platforms need extraordinary computers and databases and thats why they need income which comes from advertisement.Here is a chart of average revenue of some famous social networking sites.
$86 million


Google Plus



Well, that was not all about social media but for this post, its the End. Get safe and enjoy these social media platforms.Keep connected with fetch-info for more useful articles.


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